Can we control stress with proper nutrition?

Can we control stress with proper nutrition?

31 August 2022
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Stress in the fast pace of life is more than familiar to practically every one of us. You have certainly already heard many tips on how to deal with it, how to reduce it. A healthy diet, a healthy sleeping routine and physical activity are things that you can very easily incorporate into your everyday life.
What is stress?

Stress is a physiological response to various life circumstances (stressors). In recent years, with the faster pace of life, stress has unfortunately become our constant. It appears in different periods of our lives and can be triggered by different factors. No one is immune to it, we can only learn to handle it.

Stress is a psychological, physiological or behavioral response to external and internal stimuli that push us out of balance or threaten or even change our existing state (status quo). It is a very broad definition, as stress is reflected differently from person to person. This means that stress is not the same for all people. We experience it differently, so we each deal with it in our own way. A healthy diet is also extremely important in preventing stress. We probably all agree with the saying: you are very hungry...

Symptoms and consequences of stress

We believe that you have ever faced a headache, had digestive problems or felt a lot of pressure in your shoulders, neck and back before an important exam or meeting. Eating inadequate food, dehydration and not managing stress can even lead to the appearance of gallstones.

Exposure to stress, especially chronic stress, can also cause many long-term consequences – from insomnia, irritability, anxiety, hair loss, skin problems, as well as a low tolerance threshold when it comes to mental exertion. Also, everyday psychological tension (such as feeling anxious, irritable, overwhelmed) interferes with many bodily functions.

There are actually many signs of stress, and the good news is, yes you can take the first step to mastering it and feeling better right now!

We have prepared three tips for you, which intertwine with each other in a relaxing daily routine and help you deal with everyday stressors more easily.

A healthy diet containing a lot of vitamins (A, C, E, B - groups) and minerals (Mg, Ca, Fe, Se, Cu, Zn) is very important to prevent stress.
1. Healthy diet and stress

The state of stress can also be deepened by unhealthy or unbalanced eating.

Among other things, the consumption of certain foods and types of food can also affect stress. For example, you consume saturated and trans fats, skip meals, drink too much coffee and other stimulants, and eat too much fast food, as well as not consuming enough fluids and using harmful diets.

In order for the body to cope with stress more easily, you need it provide enough energy. The easiest way to do this is with five balanced meals a day or with a balanced diet - so that they contain carbohydrates, proteins, fats and are in line with your energy needs. At the same time, it is also worth considering the advice that every meal should contain vegetables or fruit and that it is good to eat food that contains a lot of vitamins (A, C, E, B - groups) and minerals (Mg, Ca, Fe, Se, Cu , Zn).

As often as possible, the above-mentioned multi-colored vegetables and fruits, cereals, fish, dairy products, healthy oils, herbs... should be on your plate ...

An example of a menu with food that has a positive effect on mood and helps fight stress:
  • Yogurt with nuts and blueberries
  • Oatmeal with added fruit, protein and chocolate
  • Salmon with rice and vegetables
  • Quinoa with eggs and avocado

Magnesium it is also called a mineral for a healthy mind and a healthy body, which protects your heart from heavy loads due to stress. It affects the muscles, nervous system, anti-fatigue. They also play a key role in the functioning of the nervous and immune systems, cell renewal, and metabolic processes group B vitamins. At the same time, it is good to ensure sufficient intake of the important and powerful antioxidant vitamin C, which is best consumed with fruits and vegetables.

However, since it is often difficult to consume a sufficient amount of all the mentioned vitamins and minerals through our diet, we have also added them to our products, which, regardless of the season, can be your faithful assistants in dealing with various stressors.

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2. A healthy sleep routine for less stress

Stress can also affect your sleep routine and vice versa – stress can make you struggle with insomnia, but at the same time, insomnia can also cause you stress. That's why it's important to treat yourself to a small ritual or take time for yourself before going to bed, which will help you calm down and fall asleep more easily.

You can help yourself relax by taking several hours before bed you do not use electronic devices, darken the room and make a conscious effort to sleep at least 8 hours a night and so establish some sort of routine. Waking up at roughly the same time every day – even on weekends or on vacation – can also help you establish a sleep routine.

For additional relaxation, treat yourself to more in the evening a warm drink. Remember when your grandparents used to give us warm milk with honey? Milk contains calcium, which contributes to the normal transmission of nerve impulses, and honey brings sweeter dreams.


3. Physical activity and stress

If you're having trouble establishing a quality sleep routine, taking time for a walk will be enough to get you started. Physical activity greatly contributes to reducing stress or to greater relaxation, and at the same time you will also be pleasantly tired in the evening and will therefore fall asleep a little easier.

In addition, movement in the fresh air is also important because of the sun vitamina D, which is extremely important for the immune system. In the winter months, you can also replace it with a spray preparation, which is the most convenient form of consuming a dietary supplement with vitamin D3. Enjoy the clean air, in between do some breathing exercises (slowly inhale through the nose, then slowly exhale through the mouth). Focus your thoughts on solutions rather than dwelling on problems and conflicts that cause you stress.

If you don't quite know how to start with sports activities, we have prepared for you list of the most beautiful Slovenian hiking trails, on which you will enjoy the wonderful views so much that after the end of the hike you will surely be eagerly waiting for the next one. But if you want a more intense activity that forces you to almost completely disconnect from everyday worries and completely indulge in a sporting moment, we recommend faster running, boxing, climbing or something similar. At the same time, of course, don't forget to replace the lost energy with a healthy meal after the activity.