The best plan for a healthy immune system

The best plan for a healthy immune system

30 August 2022
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BetaGlukan glava
Do you want your body to be ready for all challenges? Keep your immune system in good condition and train it with Betaglucan products from Medex. Capsules Betaglukan for adults and excellent honey syrup Betaglukan Junior for children contain patented betaglucans, natural vitamin D3 and zinc.
New to support the immune system of the whole family.
A new line for the immune system from Medex
Betaglukan kapsule
BetaGlucan capsules
For adults from the age of 14.

Train your immune system with an effective combination of active ingredients:

  • Wellmune® beta-glucans,
  • vitamin D and zinc, which contribute to the functioning of the immune system,
  • without sugar and artificial sweeteners,
  • suitable for diabetics,
  • for 30 days
Sirup betalglukan junior

Syrup BetaGlucan Junior

For children from the age of 1!

Train your immune system with an effective combination of active ingredients:

  • honey, pear juiceandnatural raspberry aromafor picky tummies;
  • Wellmune® beta-glucans
  • vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc, which play a role in the functioning of the immune system;
  • vitamin C, which contributes to reducing fatigue and exhaustion;
  • zinc, which plays a role in cognitive functions;
  • with the addition of oligofructose (prebiotic).
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Why should you train your immune system?

The immune response in humans is roughly divided into congenital (non-specific response) and obtained (specific response, with antibodies) immune response. Until recently, the existence of immune memory was only considered to be an acquired immune response, when specific antibodies are developed in response to infection, which, upon future infection with the same virus or make bacteria resistant. In the last 10 years, however, there have been more and more discoveries about the development of the memory of the innate immune response. It only develops when the body encounters viruses and bacteria or their structural parts for the first time, which leads to "training" immune system and establishment states of higher alertness, which can last from a few weeks to several months. So "trained" the innate immune system is much more responds quickly and efficiently to possible new challenges. Since we also have specialized immune cells in the intestines, we can also train the immune system through the consumption of certain substances that resemble pathogenic microorganisms in their composition, such as e.g. beta-glucans from yeast cell walls.

spomin imunskega sistema

What are beta-glucans?

They are beta-glucans natural molecules, consisting of long and branched chains of interconnected glucose units. They are found in fungi, bacteria and algae, and are also present in grains. Already in the 50s of the last century, scientists discovered for the first time that consumption of beta-glucans affects the immune system. Later, they also found that not all beta-glucans are equally effective in this regard, but that this depends mainly on their branching. The most effective are those containing predominantly 1,3 and 1,6 glycosidic bonds, as found in beta-glucans from mushrooms, while beta-glucans from cereals, which contain predominantly 1,3 and 1,4 glycosidic bonds, such they have no effect. For efficient operation it is also very important that they are beta-glucans well purified and do not contain residues of lipids and other sugars. The human body recognizes ingested beta-glucans as foreign molecules, which stimulates the immune system, as they are also present in many harmful bacteria. This recognition system is evolutionarily highly conserved in various animals and represents one of the basic defenses against harmful microorganisms.

betaglukan sestavina

Many clinical studies

Wellmune® beta-glucans are highly purified beta-glucans, with 1,3 and 1,6-glycosidic bonds obtained from fungi, specifically baker's yeast. Because they are obtained from inactivated yeast, are completely safe for consumption. They represent one of the most researched beta-glucans, as it is theirs operation supported by the most clinical research. That's why we also use Wellmune's patented beta-glucans in our products. They are suitable for long-term, regular intake, which strengthens the immune system in the long term and trains it to react strongly when you need it most.

How do Wellmune® beta-glucans work?

vstop v sistem
razgradnja in aktivacija

Who is the dietary supplement BetaGlukan with Wellmune® intended for?

Regular intake BetaGlucan with the patented ingredient Wellmune® we recommend:

oslabljen imunski sistem
people with a weakened immune system
vstop v šole ali vrtce
to children before entering school or kindergarten
starejsi ljudje
to older people
pod stresom
to people who are often under stress
athletes with regular physical activities
hladni dnevi
in the colder part of the year

Where can you buy BetaGlucan from Medex?

BetaGlukan from Medex can be found on the shelves in

  • various pharmacies across Slovenia,
  • DM, Tuš and Müller drugstores,
  • L'Eclerc offices,
  • Medex store  on Miklošičeva
  • and in ours online store .