Who is Bio Gelée Royale Forte intended for?

  • Adults with a very active lifestyle
  • Adults with a highly stressful lifestyle
  • Individuals who are recovering after a (severe) illness
  • All those who carefully choose products from organic production
  • All those who need a truly strong support for the immune system
  • All those who appreciate the exceptional value and efficiency of royal jelly

Quick facts about BIO Gelée Royale Forte

Because royal jelly contains a standardised content of 10-HDA unsaturated fatty acid.
Because it contains 1500 mg of organically produced royal jelly and vitamin C from organically produced acerola, dissolved in agave syrup also from organic production.
All those with a very active lifestyle (stress, many obligations, chronic and recurring medical conditions, etc.) and needing as much support for the immune system as possible.
Because glass packaging ensures and preserves the quality of the product.
About product

The strongest royal jelly by Medex

The strongest member of the Medex family of quality and verified Gelée Royale royal jellies.

Each convenient BIO Gelée Royale Forte bottle, with which you can make a toast to a new day, contains 1500 mg of royal jelly with a standardised content of the most important ingredient, 10 HDA, a substance found exclusively in royal jelly.


Traditional use, supported by results of clinical studies

Royal jelly has always been used for a wide range of purposes and today traditional use is also supported by the results of clinical studies. It contains a unique complex of active substances, among which the 10 HDA fatty acid which cannot be found anywhere else in nature.

This acid is also the key quality indicator of royal jelly, this is why Medex has standardised its Gelée Royale line on order to be able to guarantee product quality and efficiency.

More Information
Značka najbolje prodajanoNo
PodnaslovDietary supplement;solution;10 x 9ml;10 days of regular use
PropertiesNatural, Lactose free, From the beehive, Gluten free, No preservatives
Uporaba izdelkov
Recommended daily amount and dosage instructions:

Recommended daily dose:

For children and adults its 1 bottle

Drink it before breakfast, on its own or diluted with water. We recommend at least 3 months of use.

Drink the content of the bottle in the morning on an empty stomach, on its own or diluted with water. The bottles are safe and easy to use.


Water, agave syrup 40%, fresh royal jelly 15%, powdered acerola juice (source of vitamin C), citron essential oil.

Vitamin C

12 mg (15% NRV)

10 HDA

21 mg

Customer Questions
How is royal jelly produced?
It is produced by nurse worker bees, 5-12 days of age, and used to feed the queen bee, which is responsible for the survival of its specie, for its entire life. Even though the queen bee is genetically equal to other bees, it grows twice the size of other bees, it becomes the most fertile creature on the planet and outlives 15 generations of bees due to regularly consuming only royal jelly. The queen bee is not only important for spreading the bee brood, but is also an important source of life fro the broader environment. The value of royal jelly, with which nurse bees feed the queen bee, is exactly what has been preserving the bee species for over 40 million years. The immense richness of royal jelly is also valued by people, since we are aware that the treasure from the beehive is an important food supplement.
What is the main measure of quality of royal jelly?
The main measure of quality of royal jelly is its content of 10-hydroxy decenoic acid (10-HDA). It is standardised in Medex products.
Why is royal jelly the food of kings and queens?
Royal jelly is not only a superfood due to its composition, but has also the function of epigenetic programming. Even though the queen bee is genetically exactly the same as other bees in the beehive, due to her diet she becomes the largest, longest living and (beside drones) the only fertile bee in the beehive.
Are all ingredients really from organically produced?
That's right. Royal jelly, acerola as a natural source of vitamin C and agave syrup are all organically produced.
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Why choose Medex?


A bee family is an extraordinary superorganism. Each member has a specific role, which has preserved this species for millions of years. Bees, these amazing beings, “invented” magnificent preparations, such as propolis, royal jelly, honey, bee pollen – which are beneficial for people as well –, in order to survive. A Slovenian saying goes: Follow the bees. This is also the genetic make-up of our company, which defines us and from which we draw inspiration for our work.

Tradition and the power of nature remain the source and inspiration for our work. We complement them with the verified quality of patented and standardised ingredients, the effects of which are proven by clinical studies, in the right doses and combinations. In Medex’s development laboratories a registered research team with 4 PhDs develops products that combine traditional use with clinically proven effects.

Medex products are based on standardised and controlled content of main active substances and high production standards with which we ensure their consistent quality. We also pay significant attention to selecting packaging and have been packing an increasing number of products in glass packaging in order to preserve the value and efficiency of natural active substances as best as possible and at the same to take better care for the environment.

Medex has been operating in a sustainable manner for decades. From a company, which established and developed beekeeping already in former Yugoslavia, grew an undertaking that is expanding beekeeping around the world. In this manner we are realising quite a few of the seventeen of Unesco’s sustainable goals: eliminating poverty, hunger, caring of the environment, empowering women. Indeed, beekeeping contributes to the achievement of all these goals.

Dietary supplement solution 10 x 9ml 10 days of regular use
  • The strongest member of the Medex family of quality Gelée Royale royal jellies
  • All ingredients are organically produced
  • With standardised content of 10-HDA and vitamin C for extra power
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